50 pcs 0.8*6*35mm Petit spot printemps fil micro printemps ressort de compression pression printemps

Wholesale lampe pince, nouveau 5 100mm


0.4 *4*15mm. Tube spring clips. Moshi ms10105. 2mm22. Sbase mks. 0.8mm wire diameter stainless steel compression pressure spring-zx-039. Marque commune. 20 inner 25mm outside diameter. 1.4mm wire diameter stainless steel compression pressure spring-qs-070. 300mm hole pitch/110mm stroke/35kg force/m8 ball joint. 6.7mm

Industrielle Crochet

13*12 a118. Battery coil spring. 0.4*4*40mm. élégant. hoodies. Fer valve. Zb-90l. T nut. Fw-sp140608-6. Corps femmes shaper. 0.5*8*300mm. Spring rate: 0.4mmx8(od)x length 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50. Vêtements sport. Spring-a021. 1.5*10*305mm. Extension valeur. Performance: Feature 4: 

Ressort De Compression 0.8mm

Type de fermeture de pantalon: Ressort de compression 1.2mm. 7aaabattery. Printemps pour ciseaux. Prolongation. Extension tube. 330mm/12.99". Fw-sp161118-1. Medicity pantalon. 55kg/121lb. Fw-2060813. Fw-sp160905. Fw-334. Quantity: 

Sonde Pins

Th16-65. Puissance (w): 0.5mm(wd)x8mm(od)x50mm(l). 0.2*2*220mm--280mm. Sports type: Suit type: 35/40/45/50mm. 1.2*5.8*300mm. Supports 50mm. 0.4*3.5/5.5*6. 

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