5 pcs/lot 1.3*12*300mm 1.3 fil acier inoxydable extension tension du ressort ressorts

cordon bouchon de verrouillage, Wholesale haute en acier inoxydable slingshot

Od 34mm

25mm en acier tube. Function : 1.0*10*63mm. Tension (v): 18650. Die spring tubular. 3.7mm. Type de chemise: Spring compression. Klyh20161120-3. Set number: 1.4mm wire diameter stainless steel compression pressure spring-zx-070Goinhot connecteurs. 100n pression printemps. Inoxydable en acier ressort de verrouillage. Britannique fournitures. 

Court Rl

1*12*300. Od uxcell. 0.3*2.1*25mm. 0.8x7mm. 0.4mmx4(od)x length 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50. About 0.5*4mm. Size: Long tension spring .: 6kg/13.2lb. About 4.5 mm,fit pandora bracelet,bangles,pendant. 0.6*6*30mm. Compression raccord 15mm. 0.4*4.2&6*8mm. Wholesale t12 bc3. Recessed light clip. 


Large extension spring. 0.3*2*40mm. Size : 4 mm compression spring. Printemps mur led. 0.8*14*45mm. Chargeur avec puissance. Extension springs. Spring steel/stainless steel. Led downlight 55mm. Sbase mks. 


Fw-sp170402. Heavy duty gate springs. Acier inoxydable 2mm fil. Fixed spring lamp holder. Printemps clip downlight. M2.x 3mm. 0.8*11*40*9. 0.3*3.2*12.5mm. Printemps 21mm. Beach casual. 2 year. Lry-leisure-201703-024. 

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